3 economists walk into a bar… a discuss on Bull, Bear and Neutral market scenarios

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As a part of our preparation for the Portfolio Construction conference next week, we sat down (virtually) with three independent economists to devise 3 strategies aligned into Bull, Bear and Neutral scenarios.
However, they intentionally stopped short of giving an overt prognosis to these scenarios…  we eagerly await the conference to hear final conclusions. We’ll keep you posted!

Link to the virtual discussion


On the panel-
Andrew Hunt- Hunt Economics

Andrew Hunt Economics Ltd was founded in 2001 and it is committed to providing an entirely independent, primarily flow of funds-based approach to macro-economic analysis for select clients in both the financial and commercial sectors. The analysis is heavily focused on tracking and understanding changes in the ‘balance sheet behaviour’ of various economic agents and predicting the resulting flows that these changes may initiate.
Andrew spent over 12 years as an economist advising both the Board and portfolio managers of the Dresdner Bank Group, initially in the UK and subsequently based in the Asian Region. In the late 1980s while based in London, Andrew worked extensively on the UK’s Lawson Boom and subsequent unwinding, as well as on the various travails and ultimate break-up of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. Andrew also covered the events that led up to the S&L Crisis of 1989-90.


Dominique Dwor-Frecaut – Senior macro strategist at Macro Hive

Dominique specialises in US economics and monetary policy. Before joining Macro Hive in November 2019, Dominique was a Senior Associate at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and then a Senior Macro Strategist at a LA-based macro hedge fund. Dominique’s expertise is regularly called upon by numerous financial organizations, including Bloomberg.


John McDermott- Executive Director at Motu Economic and Public Policy Research, a Senior Advisor at Wigram Capital Advisors, an Adjunct Professor at Victoria University of Wellington, the Chair of Independent Research Association of New Zealand (IRANZ), and a columnist for the National Business Review.

Dr McDermott holds a PhD in Economics from Yale University. Before starting at Motu in 2019, he was Assistant Governor at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand: Te Pūtea Matua. He has previously worked the National Bank of New Zealand and the International Monetary Fund.


Jonathan Ramsay – Director at InvestSense Pty Ltd




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