Aussie diners like to split bill: survey

Christine McGinn
(Australian Associated Press)


Australian diners are fed up with paying the whole tab for dinner at restaurants that refuse to let customers split the bill.

About 56 per cent of diners across the country have had enough of being forced to pay for the whole bill, especially those on a budget, a survey by Latitude and Samsung Pay has revealed.

“Australians are extremely conscious of their behaviour when it comes to bill paying,” Latitude’s head of marketing for cards Nidia Stoik said of the research.

“The results show a contradiction in people’s attitudes and actions with many feeling embarrassed when someone else picks up the bill, yet less than 20 per cent actually genuinely willing to treat their friends and family.”

More than 70 per cent of the 1005 Australian adults surveyed had anxiety about who was going to pay, with women more likely than men to be anxious when given the bill.

About 36 per cent of millennials and younger survey respondents only want to pay for what they ate, while one in 10 worry they couldn’t afford the bill.

For etiquette coach Anna Musson, the answer to who pays is simple.

“Whoever extended the invitation pays the bill,” she said.


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