How to get the absolute best out of your financial adviser – Conversation 3 – Let’s get morbid

Steve Thaxter –  Senior Partner and Principal Adviser

Sovereign Wealth Partners


This is the third article in a series designed to help you get the very best out of your financial adviser. If you’re already a client of Sovereign Wealth Partners, hopefully you’ll recognise the process and feel empowered to revisit these conversations with us at any time. Your aim is to be confident that you can live an extraordinary life backed by wealth that’s beautifully aligned with everything that’s important to you.

Remember though, extraordinary advice partnerships are elusive. So the conversations are probably not what you’d think.


Conversation 3:  Let’s get morbid.

In the spirit of Steven Covey’s 7 Habits, lets start with the end in mind.  The end of, ahem, you.  Suspend reality for a moment and fast forward all the way to your funeral.  We’re going to be optimistic – you’ve lived to a ripe old age and passed away peacefully.  Your life was extraordinary, fulfilling and you have few regrets.  Your loved ones are gathering around your casket and your financial adviser is listening in.


So what would be in the eulogy?  What are the things you’ve done that were true to your values?  Your work, your vocation, your community, your passions.   Your life, your family and the fun you had.  What you did with others, what you did for others. This is a conversation you need to have with your adviser.  And you lived to a ripe old age – how old?  The number will be heavily influenced by your health, family history and lifestyle. There are tools to help estimate this.


Your adviser needs to help you plan for extraordinary life to an optimistic age, a life that’s financially secure with an estate that’s appropriate.  By starting with the end in mind, we quickly get to the important decisions we need to quantify and plan for.




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