Meaning of Life

Stephen Thaxter- Senior Partner and Principal Adviser

Sovereign Wealth Partners


What is the meaning of life?

This article proffers up an incomplete and highly subjective clutch of YouTube videos on life’s unanswerable question.  And if some guilt free YouTube browsing can help inspire personal revelation – so much the better!!

Hope you enjoy them, let us know which one’s your favourite.


It seems to us that the more you look at the big question the less relevant it is to each of us individually.   Putting aside any theological angles, for each of us, the better question is perhaps “What is the meaning of my life?” That’s something unique to us all and something we all need to do some quiet work on from time to time.


How does this relate to wealth management?  In Take 4 below, the contention is that we can find meaning in four areas:

  • Continuing the species – love, family and caring
  • Mastering our minds – self improvement and education
  • Mastering our environment – human endeavour
  • Increasing our satisfaction – enjoying our environment, culture, art, religion


Our role therefore is to help you marshal your material wealth to help you realise the most meaningful life possible.  Our Sovereignty modelling tool will help you sketch out how your own “Grand Plan” reconciles back to your wealth.  Take a top down view and test out what’s possible.  Several clients have seen it in action in our office, and soon it’ll be available on-line.


Take 1 macro and comedic: Monty Python Poses the question hilariously.  However, the film is somewhat lacking in practical advice. We need to move on in our quest.


Take 2 macro, serious – School of Life . It’s about communication, understanding and service… but it’s still somewhat big picture


Take 3 micro, playful – Baz Luhrmann’s classic advice for young people.  If you’re of a certain age, you get the sunscreen bit.  If you’re not, you don’t.


Take 4 macro, – if you’re really struggling with the big picture – School of LifeIts about swimming with humanity’s tide. As insignificant as we are, we all add to the grand story of the human project.


Take 5 micro, serious – School of LifeAh some practical advice at last!  All in 60 seconds!


Take 6 micro, serious – Dr Robert QuinnWe’re all purpose driven mechanisms so identify and follow your purpose.



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