Staying cyber safe over the holidays

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With the holiday break just around the corner it’s important to refresh your scam prevention knowledge and stay protected whilst you take time out and relax.

Here’s our top 4 tips for holiday protection:

Create strong passwords
Use different passwords for different accounts and update them regularly to help protect your accounts. Good password keeper software will make this easier.  A strong password is the first line of defence against unauthorised access to your devices and accounts.
Don’t give out your passwords or security codes
Neither we nor any other credible service provider will ever ask for your online banking passwords or security code.    Do not give them out to anyone or to any organisation.
Familiarise yourself with current scams 
Visit for the latest information on active scams. Scams are increasing in volume and sophistication every day, so it’s helpful to keep informed with the latest alerts. Tools such as “Have I been Pwned” may alert you to personal data that has been compromised.
Pause, process, proceed
Have you been asked to respond to something urgently such as a delivery notification or request for bank details? Were you expecting this call, email or offer? Before actioning, take a second, breathe, and think. Does this feel right? Do your own research from credible sources before actioning.  This would likely involve checking the institution’s correct contact details on-line and speaking directly with them.

For more details see this excellent article written by Macquarie Group on the different scams doing the rounds right now.


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