There’s a New Sheriff in Town – Donald J Trump

Much has been said about the outcome of the recent US Presidential Election. The result guarantees US politics will be at the forefront of global financial market thinking over the next few months.

Here are some views which caught our eye:

There’s a New Sheriff in Town
Marcus Tuck | Head of Equities | Mason Stevens
Livewire 9 November 2016

Democrat’s president elect Donald Trump’s pro-growth policies would tend to favour equities over bonds. Increased bond issuance to fund the fiscal expansion required will limit the potential for sustained bond rallies illustrates Marcus Tuck from Mason Stevens. Some of the likely reactions highlighted are already being seen across markets. To find out more click here.

Trump wins US presidency: Initial reaction
Angel Agudo | Portfolio Manager, US Equities | Fidelity International
9 November 2016

After a heated and controversial presidential race, Mr. Donald Trump has come out as victor. The 2016 presidential race was certainly the most contentious and uncertain race we have seen in a very long time. Angel Agudo highlights that initial market reactions may not dictate how markets will act long term. For further insight click here.

Five ways President-Elect Donald Trump could move markets
Matt Miller | Capital Group |
10 November 2016

Investors now spooked by Trump’s election may find themselves surprised next summer by the economic stimulus Trump’s Washington enacts. While we expect market volatility to continue as investors adjust to the reality of a new balance in power in Washington, here are five key areas in which policy decisions could have an economic impact.


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