Tips for adjusting to plastic bag ban

Belinda Tasker
(Australian Associated Press)



* With Woolworths kicking off its ban on Wednesday and Coles on July 1, National Plastic Bag Campaign co-founder Jon Dee has some tips to help shoppers adjust.

What can I use instead to line my bins?

– Rubbish can be put straight into bins, which should be washed every few weeks

– Food and compostable items can go in compost bins, with recyclables into recycling bins

– People who live in flats can wrap food and compostable items in newspaper before placing in a bin

– Smelly rubbish like prawn shells can be wrapped in newspaper and frozen until rubbish collection night

– Newspaper can also be used to line bathroom bins

What can dog owners use to clean up droppings?

– A good alternative is empty bread bags as they are made of thicker plastic

What do I use to pack my supermarket shopping in?

– Bring reusable bags to the shops

– For the first few weeks leave the bags on the front seat of the car as a reminder to take them into the supermarket

– Woolies and Coles will sell reusable bags priced from 15 cents in store

– Woolies online shoppers will be able to buy reusable plastic bags for $1 per order, or pay $3.50 for a crate-to-bench home delivery service

– Coles online shoppers will have their goods delivered for free in crates, or pay 15 cents for reusable bags


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