Towards the perfect ten

Steve Thaxter- Senior Partner and Principal Adviser
Sovereign Wealth Partners


We aspire to helping our clients live their very best lives.  Ten out of ten.  If we do our job well, our clients will have the confidence to live extraordinary lives, backed by wealth that’s beautifully aligned with everything that’s important to them.


How might you gain that confidence?  By considering a number of focus areas and taking advice when needed.   We would suggest that your wealth is suitably aligned if you can honestly answer “yes” to each of the ten questions in the table below.  If the answer is “don’t know” or “could do better”, please talk to us.  There’s work to be done.


Ten wealth focus questions

Q1          Potential

Do you understand the life, lifestyle and legacy options that are possible with the wealth you control?


Q2          Happy Life

Are you looking after and investing enough in your health, your vocation, your family, your friends and your community?


Q3          Structure

Is your wealth structured for practicality and tax efficiency, making full use of legislative concessions?


Q4          Portfolio

Is your investment portfolio likely to perform well with suitable levels of risk, delegated control and transparency?


Q5          Process

Do you make good wealth management decisions and make use of underlying processes that are world class and cost effective?


Q6          Risk Plan

Is your contingency planning in place so that if bad things happen it won’t be a disaster?


Q7          Retirement Plan

Has your future career income and retirement planning been carefully thought through?


Q8          Estate Plan

Is your estate planning in place so that your legacy will be respected and your beneficiaries empowered to make good wealth decisions going forward?


Q9          Grand plan

Do you have a realistic “Grand plan” in which everything that’s really important to you has been considered and budgeted for?


Q10        Worry-free

Is your wealth monitored and efficiently administered so it’s one less thing to worry about whilst you lead your very best life?



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